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On Yolanda and Other Things

Yolanda and Sharon, they are two pretty controversial characters it would seem. Not bad, I like controversy. It's like when your guild master ninjas everything from the bank and disbands the guild -- drama.

But my goal is to inject even more life into this comic. Why shouldn't they be female? And why shouldn't Yolanda have a crush on Vallant? I think that's cute. Lovable even.

What I also think, looking back in retrospect, was a little over the top, is the choice of clothes for them when they were dressing up. I believe a lot of people reacted to that. Personally, I just found the idea of them being chicks very cool, and I thought a lot of people would see it as an unexpected twist, which they did.

Moving on, our brave team starts their next fight in the Blade's Edge arena. Expect more surprising twists in the episodes to come!

Love and kisses from Yolanda and the rest of the crew! (She wants you.)

yours, 2lions



alchemy woooh :D
Yolanda has her way with valiant anyway I bet, does spin get pay back here for years of torment ooh bring the pain of those childhood memories into the arena :D


Does girls (murlocs)skining or what they are doing to dead druid? and how spin is older then his Bullies? or it just my mistake?


Wonderfull storyline!
And what are the Murlocs gonna do with their pots??

And btw. Taurens FTW :P


i loooooove this! :D


Finally, a real hunter in there :)

And damn, I didn't know Spin had a history with bullies... then again, I didn't know a lot of things about teh guys


Love the series :) keep up the good work guys, been reading these and lfg comic, they're both fun in their own way.


Why is Veron holding a meele dps mace? :)


Sooo we see what class spin is within the next comic then... unless u drag it out =D


This comic is AWSOME.... i never visit the WoW website unless im gunna change my subscription from 3 months to 1 month... so when i was checking my sub bored in china i stumbled accross this link and have been eagerly waiting for each new episode lol... its so awsomely funny and cool....

I think the Murlocs shud kill the bullies and put em behind the mirror with the other dead bodies.... BRING THE PAIN!!!!

great comic 10/10


Murlocs sawing & hammering the Druid's balls. Priceless.

And I feel like Spin's class is going to get revealed.

BTW, why is Veron using a Melee 1h mace + a Shield? Shielded Shammy = caster. Why the Melee mace?


Handle with Care?


Th reason for the melee mace + shield I see as a precausion since enhance shamans usually are the prime targets in the arena because they can easily be kited and have low armour, when they aren't wearing a shield.

Anyways, awsomest wow comic around at the moment and the twist in the last one was just mind numbingly hilarious.


You reeeeaaallly like that pose for the druid :p.

But besides that interesting profs the murlocs have - alch and eng. Must have taken some time to lvl up :D.


ooooo i luv this man ;) i wud have babies with this comic were it possible. i reckon spins gonna ninja the murloc stix and pop an imba whirlwind since hes fury warrior (FTW), murlocs are gonna send out there mechanical druid as well ;) and sum kind of crazy potions to make spin really huge =D giant fury warrior tauren MWUUUUUUUUURGH


ooooooo maybe hes boomkin :O that wud be kl since i dnt see any in game anymore xD


Another great Friday and another awsome comic, but all can't calm down my worrying heart after a great interview. I hope I can do something like you do ur job sooooooooooooooooooo.......(you know what I'm gonna say, couldn't find a word).


I overestimated this part... :(


Poor Valant, he's in deep sh*t now. Imagine if some sadistic,necrophilic, nudistic mutated fish-thing is in love with you!


wow! i love your comic its awsome!


I'd guess Yolanda is working on some kind of love potion


ok whats that behind the door with the sign "Handle with care" can it be that one of the murlocs is a engineerer? mayby a robot? and that potion making with the tools was awsome :) poor druid for that matter

really good comic keep up the good work :)


zomg i had another idea O.o did they make sum kinda of grand marshall warrior/druid machine thing O.o itll be a huge plate armour kitty =D


This part got my attention back. I think you were right, the thing that made the last one not so attractive was the choice of outfits for the murloc girls, they simply didn't match to the world you showed us in the previous parts. :) Keep it up.

By the way, Val should be happy. Yolanda is one pretty woman. I wish she was a healer and could bring Val back to life (let's say he falls at some point of the story) with a mouth-to-mouth :O In a non-kinky way, of course...




Demz to weak to fight our heroez an' theyz gonna pay fer Spin wif theyr livez!


Have you noticed how the murlocs are now wearing make-up since the last comic?
And that box has to contain some contraption they made from the dead druid.


Let's review the roster of the 5 tauren team here, shall we:

- Feral druid (cmon, seriously?)
- S2 Warrior with S3 mace (way to save your points...)
- Enhancement Shaman with a shield or an extremely confused Restoration one (no comment either way)
- Hunter (in this case the most competent member as even as a hunter he is at least sporting the correct weapon and is not horridly geared or gimped by his spec)
- S3 Warrior with S1/S2 sword (never got enough for a weapon I guess)

If you ask me, the good guys don't have anything to worry about -- those bullies must have slept through all of their classes as they have composed a 5 dps team so unviable, Sharon and Yolanda could take them on alone (they would love to, I bet).


Lol, Darkmantis.


why do I have a feeling Spin will reveal his power soon....seeing them again,pisses him off...Berserk? O.o :P


Look at the druid,doesn't he look to familiar?I think he is the druid from the 1st arena match,he is even in the same pose!


Maybe Spin's a Death Knight :O
Man that would be sooooo cool (though it aint gonna happen)


Would be a perfect time to make spin into a Ret Paladin!



I'd love it if Spin suddenly turned into a Bombkin and went nuts with AoE. That would be cool!


hmm they still havent ancer what they doing with the bodys but i cinda think fusing them all together too make a gr8 big fat ugly eh...think abominasion will be cute compare too that and let em on they arena too eat the enemys hmm may guess.


oh and 1 more thiank weres the hunters pet ? his so pro that he dont need 1 ? rofl


okay! i might have fucked up here.. but isnt there supposed to be an update today/yester day.. (25th..) .. or was this one it?.. man! stupid vacation! cant keep control of the dates or days..

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