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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Parting His Hair Differently
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Parting His Hair Differently

What have they done to Billy! Billy, you can now part your hair down the middle... if you ever grow some hair.

yours, 2lions



Hey Billy, what's on your mind? A sword eh? Interesting.


Wonder if that radioactive.. flesh golem... thing... has anything to do with the power plant the goblins built nearby


Guess that sword really *puts on glasses* got to his head


100% it's not alone...


So that how you backstab a gnome


... I'm starting to wonder if we know who this thing used to be... Or at least part of it used to be, in any case. I'd be tempted to guess it's that stupid chief (if so, he certainly got the power he wanted, but he didn't make sure he'd still be himself), but the jaw and teeth are seeming too human-like. In fact, it seems like it is some sort of part-slime, part human/forsaken monstrosity.


Called it! Billy got ganked outside! :P

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