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Seeking Shelter...

Upsetting ominous-looking plants isn't a very good idea, as this part of the story clearly demonstrates.

yours, 2lions




only one page? *sadface*

EDIT: was here to early, never happened before:D


Well, the story has absolutely and completely lost me. I have NO idea what's going on anymore, and the story doesn't seem like it's about to explain anything any time soon. Done reading this comic.


I'm really enjoying this actually unlike others like Galerunner. Its remembering me of the old days of all the old instances! Keep up the good work! I'll stick by ye guys until the end, hell I'm still watching Cru the Dwarf's page even if he hasn't updated in a while.


You've been...FLOWER SLAPPED!!

.....no one gets my reference *discouraged face*


I don't care you don't put arena jokes or the other things people complaining about here. It funny? It about WoW? I'll keep reading it... By the way, can someone remind me why they want so bad to get to Shadowfang Keep?


Plant with a kick. Sounds like weed :D


People you need to lighten up. Thundersnow and the other guy ( no offense) go through all the trouble of making a great comic for you and instead of saying "great comic guys can't wait until next week" you start acting like spoiled brats and go "where's the storyline? This comic sucks Im going to stop reading". God this is just as bad as the people who go "Cata sucks I'm going to quit wow" just because 10 year olds are better players than them. *takes breath* great comic guys next week's outta be good.


Nobody backs snaplasher in to a corner!
(google search ticklefight uldalar)


first of it. to all that are lost around here, so to speak. just don't open the page anymore. it's that simple. no trolling required.
second of it. the story is actually going in strictly the same direction it was going for some time (I mean, dohhh, there were references of desolace and maraudon in the last n pages). and IF you stop to think for a second, we are into the point exactly before climax (I mean 5 really tough dudes against 5 black mages against our 5 heroes. it's gonna be EPIC).
third, and the last one. I see none is really seing the really strange thing. the monkey is not reacting. I mean, NO MONKEY VS. PLANT? WTH? :P:P:P


i died laughing


can't wait to Sunday

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