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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Slaughter Them All, My Minions!
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Slaughter Them All, My Minions!

My new favorite character in this comic is the eye. I have a soft spot for inept villains. They cannot be gullible like Wile E. Coyote for me to love them, however; they have to be fairly intelligent, yet devoid of the sort of decisiveness and strength of will that would make them actually dangerous. Their ironic fate makes them endearing somehow.

And, just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who actually likes that blasted bird -- Road Runner?

yours, 2lions




first :D,

love this comic


I love it too! Oh wait, am I allowed to say that?


Ohhhhhhhh im waiting to see what is after!!!
:P :P :P


I don't think anyone actually adores that blasted bird.Plus i think that it is the identification of ''eat and run''


dayum~ pansy orcs FTL!




this comic is gething bether by every week. samo tako nastavite. does someone play wow-here btw?

Seraph no Orion

And the wedding went BOOM

Bor de Wolf

That was an awesome wedding crashing party :D


i've read in the shadows for a long time

i have to say wow simply wow, i love the eye hes just the type of supervillan i like


How come loving couples always end up with at least one of them killed in a most heinous matter in this comic?


There you go Hans Blix! Take that you $#%% $%&#@!% peice of $#17!


Why is it trying to atack its creators? The cat before obeyed.


I got a question, tell us what in the hell's name have the orcs done to you and you kick their asses like this?


R.I.P. innocent orcs......(rofl)....
awesome comic,u guys never disappoint!
n I kno what u mean,the runner bird sux,Coyote FTW!


Beep Beep.....ZZZZzzzzzzoooooeeeeeeffffff...
In this comic it would be...
Beep Beep..... Splat!! ;-)

Very nice work on the story line as on the graphics.

I'm a fan from page 121, ofc after seen thoose 2 page's I started from the start to catch up with th total.

Never bothered to post a comment tho but surely you must know you have more then 20 readers.

Keep up the good work.
Keep the fun in the storyline.


This is so funny! Poor orcsies... :(


Well I kinda like Road Runner; grilled, with tomatoes...

P.S.: I know that everybody argues why Coyote didn't order a pizza or something. But the real question is: Why didn't he hire Chuck Norris?


Nice comic funny as always.
My favorite inept villain is Invader Zim.


Did someone say Chuck Norris??? Chuck Norris is so old school barrens. Get with the times, your supposed to spam trade with (Shadowmourn) lol. Jk. Great comic as always. Can we see a plainstrider/roadrunner go splat next panel :D


i just remembered something. wasnt veron still in the orc village? what hapened to him?
gr8 page annyway


I'm starting to doubt if the "big bang" that turned everything backwards will EVER get fixed.


This used to be damn fine comics, but only at the times when it have been an arena comics. Now, there are some good and funny pages from time to time, but I have read it cause it was the only comics that was making fun of my beloved arenas.
Now, I'm bored to the roof, so thanks for the fun at the beginning and by.


i dont know snow if your allowed to like your own comic isn't there some laws that says creators cant have fun with there comic


In Thailand, you can get 15 years for liking your own comic :)


everyone thinks the road runner is the good guy but if you think about it he has never been hurt and he attacks the coyote all the time...... i feel bad for the coyote


Orcs being massacred by a group of angry mobs? Reminds me of a raid I did on Ironforge... we in the end but it was 50 of us vs over 150 of them.


No wrong page for posting... comments for one weeks' 'pages' can be seen on all relevant pages.

What's next, what's next...??


c'mon! It's sunday! =D

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