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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: So is That Your Undead Throwing Weapon?
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So is That Your Undead Throwing Weapon?

OK, so this is one of those episodes serving mostly to tie the plot together. I really like the visuals in this one. Dialogue-wise, it's nothing special, but it gets the job done. I think the artist did a really nice job with Trevor. I chuckled a little when I saw his "well fed" state.

Back to WoW... in a way. So I gave Warhammer Online a go, and ended up being disappointed. Granted, I didn't give it a proper chance, only got my Black Orc to lvl 10, but the game just didn't manage to grab me. I hate the disjointed and crude feel to the combat animation. To me, that's a big part of PvP, for the combat to feel fluid, and it just doesn't feel like that in WAR. Seeing as WAR is fairly lacking in PVE content and is focusing mostly on the PVP/RVR stuff, it's ironic in that sense that I wouldn't like the core mechanic of the game's core feature.

That said, I'm installing the monster 3.0.2 patch, in preparation for WotLK. I'm hearing very mixed reviews on the state of the Warrior class. Apparently, prot is now great - that much everyone agrees on. And I think that's very cool, but what I'm very excited about at the moment is the dual-spec feature (this has been my long-standing issue with WoW). I really, really hated being pigeonholed into grinding 100g every time I wanted to respec (and then respec back).

So in that sense, I'll likely be deep Arms and Prot. Once I get my gear up in WotLK, I'm gonna be Titan Gripping like David Duchovny in a room full of Hustler mags.

yours, 2lions




omg :D


oh shit!




Whoa, Trevor ate the hand aswell? XD


aww hell what was on the scroll? lol probably the phone numbers of his booty call. Eww creepy undead booty :S


x32a is going to kill every one because trevor activated the scroll again


ROFL....can't w8 2 see what's gonna happen' :D

ajd daj novi comic odmah :P


Why does it feel like I knew this would come? XD

Nice one again ^^


LMAO... great comic this week.


waaaa :D
The toxic green colour scheme for this page just feels refreshing to me :) The artist could add some pages with a night setting . Any chances for that in the plot line ?


WTB that scroll in wow live realms made my a mad scriber!

Eagle-Eye Vallant

i want a human hunter


Wondering what will happen as the magic begins to pass through the digestive tract of a rat.


Why do I see something involving detrimental flatulence in the near future?


hahaha love when trevor steal's the sceene!!!

well fed FTW!!!!
and like keyra said

mortal "flatulence" strike???



And there we go for an other Unconditionnal Scroll of Victory (requires 1200 in inscription to make those, so no luck for players).

I really love Trevor's expression on that frame. But WTF are they (with Vallant) doing in sewers? ... maybe I dont wanna know.

And I agree with Keyra, Mortal "flatlece" strike is inc.

On the Warrior topic, for having been invited to the beta, I can tell you that Titan's Grip is a DPS decrease until you reach lvl 80 itemnisation. Persoonaly, im testing out (and loving) the following spec, if you use the PvP POLEARM! (not the axe)


If your a smart Warrior, you can actually figure out how to use it perfectly. (if not tell me il give you a tip).


Too bad you dont like Warhammer, I find it quite interesting. The problem is, it's totally different from WOW gameplay wise, takes some time toget used to. I really enjoyed leveling my dwarf Ironbreaker 'till rank 20 but got a little bored since Im doing the same stuff since rank 1. Also I tried playing wow with the latest patch but Im not impressed, Im probably gonna quit both war and wow. Can anyone recommend a good game for killing time? :)




I dunno. But if Trever unleashes the beast within again things could get messy. He could blow up. Or even turn into an ostrich. Which would be pretty funny actually.


he was cooking the scroll omg hahahaha xD


um a scroll with a skeleton hand doesn't look tasty for me :P


This is pretty ironic considering the existence of this item :


I really, REALLY discourage you from taking Titan's Grip. Bladestorm is far cooler, and Arms Warriors are the top PvE and PvP DPS Warriors at the moment.

Otherwise: The comic is setting a mysterious plot device... Which is bound to turn out hilarious (remember the Illidan accident...)!


I love the Duchovny joke, it sounded a little gay at first, consiering Titan's grip is duel wielding 2h weapons, and in order to do that in a pornographic sense he would need at least one other guy. But when I stopped being overly critical I realized that funny is just funny. Grats

I was also looking forward to Titan's grip but, as is tyhe situation here, if you mention it out loud detractors will tell you that it's mathematically inferior to holding a 2h as it was originally intended. Personally I prefer that it isn't as powerful as well as an awesome and clever gimmick for the brickhouse class. Doing Arms damage in PvE causes way to much threat if your not the tank and I think fury spec was ment to be that happy medium. But don't listen to me, it's your game, you paid for it, make yourself happy.

Sorry for getting off track, Trevor was cute and I'm really looking forward to the impending battle with the kitten of doom.


wait, let me guess, the scroll is the "unconditional victory" and now the kitty is buffed again? but if the team is also buffed, shouldn't they be able to figth the kity?


When I saw the "oops!" part, I started laughing like crazy. You got me with this one x)

I switched to Warhammer. And I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than WoW. It's a baby game and I'm afraid to think what it's going to become when it reaches WoW's age. Love the disciple of Khaine class, now started an afroamerican orc, seems very fun as well. Tried WoW after the patch, and it's a lot worse than it was, especially PvP-wise. Maybe it's just the lvl70 imbalance but it did set me off quite a bit. :(



damn...2weeks for 30sec of reading and i still cant wait for more xD
love it man...gj...


Truly inspired.
carry on the good work



We're addicted for good, you and I. Don't even bother trying to give it up.


I'm not anymore. I'm at peace with my weird fate in life :)


Nintendo aldready said that speach in public:

"We are doctors. The first step is admiting that you are a gamer though"

Peace inside and out. Long live video games. Long live Teh Gladiators.


roflmao,. undead dexter a ? :P ^^


trevor has now a glyph xD


the glyph of mend pet :D
Increase happines of ur pet while his eating unvicible scrolls :D

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