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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Stay Behind!
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Stay Behind!

As the furious nature of the battle unfolds, the protagonists reassert their character roles.

yours, 2lions



Release the kraken...Nice story so far, keep up the good work!


Yay... Billy's back!


Dear God! That's Billy!

p. s.

Poor mom I hope little one not yet born will be ok!


This about where the Black Rose Brigade would pull a Rohirrim At Minas Tirith Charge, not because we like the Tauren, but we hate the Forsaken more.

And yes we are Alliance, but the Tauren are honorable people, and deserve to live. The Forsaken deserve to be retuned to death, in as small as we can make pieces.


Why there are no trolls in this comic? =( Trolls are the most located species on Azeroth... =(

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Teh Gladiators / The Gladiators
A world of warcraft (WoW arena) - inspired comic, from the award winning team - Uros Jojic & Borislav Grabovic. Updated weekly. Read the first 21 pages of heroic Gorrok, Vallant and Spin saga now at www.tehgladiators.com