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Teh Cataclysm!

So yeah, we're a little bit early; in-game, we still haven't defeated Arthas, but as some of you know, our heroes have. So the only natural direction to follow is ... well, The Cataclysm.

That said, I am still very much inclined to taking the comic in a somewhat interesting direction. A bit of a shift in the paradigm if you will. Stay tuned and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

One more thing, in case you haven't figured it out, Vallant fired off the shot at the same time the cataclysm took place. So it was lights out for our heroes in the arenas before the whole world outside had crumbled. Incidentally, it happened as Vallant was taking his shot. And this time, he's entirely not to blame (although he's convinced his shot basically wounded the sun for a short period of time).

yours, 2lions



So Eagle Eye didn't kill the sun?


for a momment I thought someone moonfired the rabbit.
Nicely designed explosion m8. but why did the wolf survived the blast?


I bet it was Vallant who shot Deathwing, causing him to unleash his awesomeness


4th, Great comic. Still wondering why wolf survived hehe.


great as always!

Seraph no Orion

roflmao the poor little bony rabit got pwned


And I thought that horde finaly won WSG and the warsong lumber camp simply expanded...
refering to a cataclysm picture where there is Ashenvale without trees ( http://www.wowwiki.com/File:Ashenvale_Cata.png )... never thought it could have been "the cataclysm moonfire deathray"


Mabey the wolfs a worgen or somthing like that.


Moonfired bunnehs lol i love this comic so much i wish i had like thirty bagillion dollars to donate to keep em happy, but sadly my ass is so poor i had to quit wow :(


Think of it this way, if a worgen joined the ranks Valent woudnt be the only allience guy on the team.


Soooooo does this mean the guys will get a new teammate? A Goblin Werewolf?


Its all Valants fault, I just know it =P


Vallant just had to go and wake up Deathwing with a well-placed shot to the ass, didn't he? Though I had assumed the lava-dragon-exploding-out-of-hibernation thing would be more, like, you know... lava-ey. Moonfire, not so much?


it would be funny if Valent turn into a Worgen but great job


such a fierce demon bringing cataclysm and killing rabbits!!!


it was a mad rabbit =)))))


Wabbit Swayer a guitaw pwayer with a nasty habbit ... KILL THE WABBITS! - Ozzy Fudd



Yeah I know it's not a bunny in the vid, but the moonfire makes up for it...


ooeeeehhhh =D shiny!




OMG ! Deathwing is killed the bunny ! YOU BASTARD ! xD


WTB : Wargen-Hunter named Valland!!! Please tell me that he will be transformed... and please let Spin be a paladin!!!


Is this what happened 2 the hordes at the arena?


Damnit, who taught vallant how to cast ultima with a bullet?


You saw it here first, Blizzard is totally buffing the nerf stick in Cataclysm, even bunnies can take out wolves with them!


The tauren (forgot his name) should finally become a paladin/priest.


Vallant can tame Worgens ! I would like to see that :D


I want to tame that Rabbit as a pet soooooo much!


Pwned by a lvl 1 critter.... sad.


OMG!NOW on 3-1-10 i think i got the rabbit thing!!!
Pls someone tell me if earthquakes in 3.3 involved too! The pigeon flap, the bullet flop, the rabbit is mad & create earthquakes!
Is this the pre-cataclysm event???
Or i maybe i am wrong! :)

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