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Teh Short Bus Crew

It's exactly 12:21pm (May 23) as I write this. I have sent the final draft of the comic back to the artist because I wanted him to fix some stuff with the Priest character in the last panel. This means that we are a mere couple of minutes away from putting up the latest episode of Teh Gladiators!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have decided to post a picture of Ed.

Ed rides the short bus. Ed is a Moonfire spammer. It's how he plays. He has the Moonfire spell bound to his left mouse button. He uses his left foot to slam on the keyboard for no apparent reason, in hopes it would help him execute some brilliant move that no one else has heard of before. Aside from his in-game character periodically jerking back and forth like a madman on crack (as he puts his foot down on the keys), the whole "foot move" hasn't really brought him any success. So he keeps spamming Moonfire when left-clicking.

Sometimes, when he gets a killing blow, he pees himself a little.

yours, 2lions



Beast Within YEAH!!!

Btw notice that the enemy team only has 5 damage dealers in it, no healers :P


Looking in hindsight, I'm not surprised even Beast Within backfires for Vallant... brilliant, though :)


Another classic. Knew it had to backfire. Ah well only another 6 days, 23 hours til next comic... Keep it going 2lions! Best wow comic seen. (still lovin actiontrip)


LMAO XD Poor Trev ... :D lol lollll ... you were quick today guys :D didt expect it so soon.
BTW Wilhelmi they got a holy priest - look at his shoulders - it's T6


and on a main note, another great piece of art ;)
Keep them coming!


hmm...my guess is that he'll headbutt the ground and make mass tremor, seems a possible way for them to get out alive


I thought all of them would be pvp geared so the priest has a caster staff too, instead of pve healing staff :)


Hehe i knew that whatever Vallant Learned could backfire,like Engineering:D
Cool episode,another week of suffering untill the new part comes out lol:)


brilliant, rofl'd IRL, can't wait (again) for next week

btw, why didn't vallant go big and red? Beast within is the hunter, bestial wrath is the pet ;-)


BTW guys gratz for the "reply" & "edit" comment feature :) was missing that ...
And gratz on a job very well done once again - already cant wait for the next friday! :)


ROFL,pro m8....F***ing pro!!!


Awesome, keep up the awesome work.
I'd like to see a rogue though, a dwarf rogue with a passion for blowing stuff up. Maybe call him Giblets? Its not my RP character, honest.


could it do anything but backfire ? hehehe

meh instead of dwarf rogue , i'd rather see a gnome druid ^^


Hahah, Trevor ftw ;d But they must win :D Maybe Murlocks will finally show their classes? :>


I believe murlocs are pallies from what i red at the comic description when they first appeared...then again they could also be gyrocopters if we read that...


These Comics are the BEST =)))))
I show them to all of my friends and they laughed to death =))




Awesome one ^^ Seems to take them by surprise for a sec :p


Now there be a big scary Trevor :P (but don't forget the training he had ^_^)


hahaha EPIC... Love how warlock cover his own face... teh gladiator ftw


Nice "glow" on Trevor in the last panel :).

But gearwise the other team should win this (unless the murlocs are engineers /mages).


The laws of murphy prolly will apply to the geared team also, Trev and co will make it alive in a unthinkable way


I really wish one of the murlocs appeared to be a priest (a shore oracle?)... But my dreams usually don't come true *QQ*


I so know whats going to happen... There mage is going to have something go horribly wrong in some shape or form and he's going to nuke his own team back to the short bus!


GO OSTRICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have read lots of Dc and Marvel comics, and I tell u It's the Best =D.
I just read them like a newspaper, cuz most of them makes no sense...but I read single page of this comics times and times :D.

/Target Teh Gladiators /Hug


I realy think next time we will see the Shamy discover grounding totem ^_^ ... since he keeps droping the stick :P


Gorrok will do Sweeping Strike, Whirlwind and cleave spam in the mid of that lot...highly unlikely, but seeing as someone compared this to DC or Marvel comics, Gorrok will do this in another dimension 8D




i recently found your comic and i think its the best WoW related creation yet. Humor is great and drawings are class, keep up the good work, i`m laughing my butt cheeks off


Come on update faster!


best comic EVAR! been checking every week since the release of the comic! :D GJ guys keep em comming!


Meh, the update can't come soon enough :|


Snow you slacker wake up ^^


Come on its friday already get with the posts! Sorry but this comic gets me through work on a friday! :p


i always wanted to be able to tame one of the small pig critters in the farm outside Orgrimmar. It would rule to have a Trevor-type tiny pet level 70


notice that the murloc's are missing from the last pannel, bet they are going to backstabbeth the mage - also this comic is lacking in trolls


OH NOOo s 3 people and Trevor is afraid what is gonna to happen to our heroes XD

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