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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: The Battle is Upon Them!
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The Battle is Upon Them!

Hey, it's Monday... somewhere? If Jesus was sent to travel in a space ship at close to the speed of light, would it be Monday for him, or Thursday? Given his exalted reputation with the Christian faction, it'd probably be whatever day he smeared with Creon on the small round glass window of his tin rocket.

yours, 2lions



even the children arc of tehGlads was much better


Lismax,stop whining,the story is great!

Comics come at a slower rate.. but they're so nice :D


hmmm, thinking back to the "ending" of teh glads, I know now where BioWare/EA got the idea for Mass Effect 3 :D
great comics tho, I enjoy the army vs. army thing, specially the tactics talks :)


At least the talk is more "wow┬┤ish" in this part. Even if its bg talk :p


This definitely makes me nostalgiac about the old days of Tarren Mill vs Southshore...


The battle is lost.

Darkspear Troll

lol next update April 1st ^_^

Deadlyz The Rogue

To be completely honest I don't like the new 'story'.


I do like the new story, but perhaps I shouldn't be watching for a few weeks, I hate waiting for new pages :P


I suddenly lost the interest in these serries. The sotry before, was original and funny, and clearly had an excuse for raping the lore and speaking of game mechanics. This... No offense, but I don't find it interesting.


They always surprised us with fun jokes etc.,have some faith :)


Not sure if comic comes on April 1st
Or if we will be fooled.


I've been following TG since the first comic and have always loved the strip, but 2l you have just lost yourself one reader.

Your comments about Jesus is uncalled for and disrespectful. Isn't there enough other random stuff to joke about out there? If anyone makes comments like this about Allah or any such other god, you'd be threatened with a jihad of some sorts, so it's easier to just point your sarcasm stick at thebChristian faith??

I take offense to your comments and will no longer be reading your comic.


Eh, I'm still not liking this new story at all. It's so dull and can hardly be called a story in my opinion.


Number of asshurt people today is enormous.


This takes me back to the good ol vanilla days of WoW. Anybody remember days long AV's? It took strategy like this. Trying to root the casters to make them oom so you could come in quick and wail on them, all the while watching for those sneaky sneaky rogues.
And for anyone who is getting butthurt over todays comment, lighten up. It's just a comment. Also, learn to speak SARCASM.


just gotta point out, it's realy sad this commic went down into the gutter like this...
posts are late, and the story, sure you got some fun things... but i feel like you wont beet the origional glads

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