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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: The Crab Cake Incident
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The Crab Cake Incident

You know, originally, when I was creating these two panels I kept going back to the scene from Monty Python's The Life of Brian, when Brian is asked to speak before a crowd of worshipers. The thick irony of the scene where he's saying "you are all individuals," and the mass of sandal-wearing peasants screams back in unison that they are all individuals stuck out in my mind as a very nice analogy for how I perceive social interaction between humans.

At which point, I'd ask myself when do we dismiss the fact that individualism is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed to us, but I guess this goes hand in hand with the staggering amount of compromises one makes in life just to get by.

How do we get back in touch with ourselves is likely a discussion for another time and place, but if you can believe it, seeing Vallant in front of a crowd of random shouting savages spurred the very thoughts I conveyed in the lines above. Go figure.

yours, 2lions




Really great comic. Laughed alot!
Leeeroooy is back!
P.S. First!


Great comic, and very insightful notes this week, too. Monty Python FTW. (Oh, looks like I nabbed a "Second", too. Yay.)


zippedy do da~


2 AMAZING pages AHAHAH rofl:)


/use Deathgrip


lol crabcake would drive any man into a killing rage xD


where is the night elf shreder? was expecting it to be out there...

nice comic btw. ;) ... tho i don't get the paradox.... is every human now eating leeroys?


When I first saw the red faced Spin I'd expected him to be big time toasted on weed or something but a 'gorgeous one clone' orally deathgripped to his ass.... MY GOD! xD

Oh and Life of Brian? Yea... I see the resemblence... but I don't get where the crabcake comes in the picture, I mean... Brian is the storys Jesus! xD

Doc Lithius

o_o What the crap just happened. XD


Wait... they have the body of vallent and the brains of leeroy? Or is an unheathy obsession for crab cake contagous?


This doesnt make sense. Vallant doesnt like crab cake, he said that when he first heard he is Leeroy's son


oh man the army died!..WE WANT TREVOR TO THE RESCUE!


These panels are incredibly laughful! At last I can feel the presence of the true spirit of Teh Gladiators =)
Bravo, 2lions!)


OMG awesome pages again! :D

I wonder what happened to Yolanda and Sharon. Did they make it out of the cave too?

Better not show your Crab Cake in public, for aweful things could happen!


makes me wanna eat some crab cake....lol


Good to see one of the better comics in a while =D.


When will Gorrok obtain a new weapon?


Wait a moment, Where are the gnomes? Did they get punted? Or is it the other way around considering this is an alternate reality?

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