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The Forging Begins...

So, as I've told you guys earlier this is a story very different from Teh Gladiators. It was written in one go so to speak, so it should and will appear more coherent. The main problem with Teh Gladiators (and which most people could notice anyway) is that it felt disjointed and erratic. The principal reason for this was the fact that the artist and I would get together every 5 or so weeks to write the next 20 or so pages. Me being 35 already and with a lot on my mind, well, I would tend to forget what the hell I wrote about 5 weeks ago, and, being the way I am, I was too lazy or preoccupied to even figure out whether the plot is making sense. I kept it marginally coherent or as much as I could, but the honest truth is I wasn't really trying at all.

Having said that, this story should read a lot better in that sense. Bear in mind, however, that it's got even less attempts at humor. I simply didn't write it with gags in mind.

yours, 2lions



New comic, new characters, new first comment =)


Looks promising! Looking forward to seeing my favourite race in the spotlight a bit more often. Let's hope for an awesome story. :3


awesomeness! ^_^


Dwarves are offering to fight for the Tauren? I'm not sure I read that right. Well, whatever.


Brewmaster tauren? Please? With a cherry on top? I know you want to ;)


"Bear in mind, however, that it's got even less attempts at humor. I simply didn't write it with gags in mind."



Great intro!


Do they have... bowls with...hay?


Then why new story start on page 309?


Um, the Tauren quite willingly allied with the orcs to thank them for what they did. It was indeed a "natural one" (as they respected each other a lot from their first meeting). Play the wc3 campaign?:7



Doc Lithius

I'd done this particular quest so many times in World of Warcraft, I've actually lost count. Heh heh. It's nice to see a storyline based on this brief chain of events.

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