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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: The Lumber Mill Boss
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The Lumber Mill Boss

So what's the deal with this Lumber Mill boss? You see, our clan chief here, he's been challenged so many times in his life that he's come to the realization that the greatest adversary he could have would be himself. Unfortunately, his mind is telling him this in a roundabout way, presenting his alter-ego as this "Lumber Mill Boss" - a mighty creature he needs to slay in order to achieve the ultimate victory in life.

yours, 2lions




Awesome comic :D

Lumber Mill Boss looks as a really bad guy. Looking forward to see the epic battle!

( Yes,I am aware that there's no Lumber Mill Boss. )


I see a great disappointment in the chief's future.


still trying to give the comic a chance, but if you have to explain the whole premise of the story like that, then you have failed as an author.


Hmm that is one sneaky undead.


Why is that Undead reminds me of Medivh ?


Oh, I really like this smart ass Machiavellistic Orc chief. Now I will always wonder what does he really has in mind.


I lolled at the "staring at the rug" parts.


"YARGH" is an highly advanced way to say "Ha! I will not believe this foolishness you speak of! The Lumber Mill Boss does not exist,and you created ONLY to turn me in an undead!" This will proceed with the warchief chopping the undead's head off,continuing then in slaughtering the rest of the undead guys.

That,or it means "YARGH!".


Im sorry but i officaly give up on this comic it has lost its magic

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