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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: The Undead Claim This Victory!
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The Undead Claim This Victory!

I rather like the last picture in the second panel, the crow pulling a Tauren's eye out by its nerve especially.

yours, 2lions



this story is slower than me


Love it!


The undead have claimed victory..

..dog,fetch! *Throws bone into Sylvanas*


Come on..Undead are just ...misunderstood....it is all those damn Zombie games' fault...


Commander stalin? And he's conveniently wearing reddish armor


oh this is great story so far i love it!!


Creepy smiley undead in last panel. Funny thing, I just had Ghost Shroud drop for me yesterday while farming.


The story is ok so far. A bit slow. At least it has it's bits of humor in it.

Perhaps what's really bugging me is the lack of closure in knowing Teh Gladiators never had a proper ending...


The Glads ended with Baron Whatsitsname's death,no? It's a perfect ending.

Jokes apart.. I bet the taurens will discover our ol' Glads,team up,kill someone bad,have a beer,travel in time*,kill deathwing,or something like that.

*It is said,in the beginning of this new comic,that it's before TBC.

Deadlyz The Rogue

If only I could make myself like this new story :(

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