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They Come to Disturb Our Peace

So what exactly is going on with this sleepy and downright civilized Orc village? In case you had a major head trauma during the course of your life and haven't yet figured out, I'm going down the "alternate reality" route for my cataclysm.

BUT (and this is a big but(t)), you have to realize that I did make a little shift in the paradigm and that I'm now leaning more towards a slightly slower flowing storyline, which would, granted, be much more suited for a more frequent comic. Alas, our work obligations don't allow myself and the artist to have two or more updates a week, but, on the other hand, I was literally sick of trying to rehash the same Arena stuff week in and week out.

So there, hope this explains a few things.

yours, 2lions



Hehe, poor little orcs fleeing from Leeroy ^^


хм второй... orcs are affraid? what wrong with cataclysm? wtf T_T


Have you never seen a orc XD


Forth! xD



nice one :)


Toc! Toc!
Who's there?


guess humans did something nasty to them orcs...
like stealing their dignity or something...


i like beans


lol, the town is kind of an amish town :P


If this direction rekindles the feel of the first couple chapters, I think it will be a positive direction.


Haha the orc's have a sacred the Leeroy :D


You know, the main characters can be "Teh Gladiators" in a different context, which doesn't have to be always tied to Arena environment. Arena is quite a narrow area of WoW to focus a continuous story on, after all. You only need to keep the consistency of the characters, which you have done so beautifully so far, and let the environment change as you see fit. Waiting for next page!


13th, :D, nice. waiting for next page.


I'm guessing that our one eyed orc is now engaged in scintillating conversation with an alternate reality version of himself who is an orc Priest and goes on to talk about a legendary tauren paladin who will come to their town shortly named "Cycle" or maybe "Rotation" who might be vaguely familar :P

Love Cataclysm race and class mix ups Oo


So there are only 2 episodes till the comics is over? )=


Amish Orc Paradise (from the song "Amish Paradise" by Weird Al Yankovic)


If that's the alternate reality, would the undead be loving/caring and the nelf's just ripping up trees?


ok, Vallant is too overpowered, now he's got a fear spell XD


orcs have gone totally insane.....


Mabey valents gnome finger syndrome scared em off or somthing...


ROFL, Amish Orcs... Friggin legendary. Why do I get the feeling that "Oh gods!" from Gorrok probably means that A. That orc is his father. B. That orc is still somehow in relation to him? lol. Hmm, now looks to young for father, brother? Son maybe? lol


I'm sorry this is the first time I've commented. I've enjoyed your comic for a long time now.

That being said, I've been completely lost since the Tyrande thing. REALLY lost. :)

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