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They Like Undead Cheese

So, Army of the Dead. It's a pretty lousy spell if you ask me. Why do I say that? Well, basically, our first kill on Yogg-Saron almost didn't happen. About 5-10% left on the boss, a DK pops Army of the Dead and the adds in the third phase start going all over the place. But it seems to be working pretty well for Trevor DK. Look at that poor cat; she is slowly realizing a bunch of undead rats will be its undoing. Can a worse fate befall a kitten? I think so.

yours, 2lions



Army of the Dead Rats :D
Poor Kitty


oh, I don't think this will be a problem, Leeroy just has to think those rats are whelps...
oh and PS: SQUEAK!!!


Leeroy the Squeaked... Unique title! lol


Awesome! Now to get some sleep:)


swipe swipe swipe!


fok fok fok xD


so many undead rats. kitty will win.


Sorry to hear about the Yogg wipe D:

I really think they need to remove the taunt from Army of the Dead...its a 20min CD thats nearly useless on a lot of fights >.>


Nice comic :) And nice arena weapon :P even though i think the mace looks better!


Trevors laugh makes me think of the predator laugh from the 80s classic. Best evillaugh ever caught on tape.


omg trevor... where did you find that lots of corpse dust :P (i know army of dead does not require corpse dust just joking :P )


I think Leeroy is gonna get his Jenkins style back and wipe all those undead rats like dragon eggs!

Seraph no Orion

Ooh shit so much for teh rats aint gona squish any of them from now one. Too scared of what Trevor might do.


...when suddenly Trevor Jr. pops in!

nice one as usual ;)


what the fuck I try remember where that sword come from but it rare and how he got it?!


That's an arena weapon.


LOL got pwned by army of rats (which remembers me with The Matrix the mirror that Neo touches) and dk rat with S6 2H sword :P


This is doom -.-


isnt leeroy a paladin? why doesnt he just use holy wrath? that would knock off pretty much all the rats, and stun them.


Second funniest page ever.


My DK fights with a Ghoul, it's kinda like a Warrior crossed with a Hunter. :D



loved this page :)


This Comic is so stupid. Its storyline is terrible, and it mainly consist of pulling random garbage out to get by.


The point of this comic isnt the story it how funny the drawing are and the constant use of actual wow items/weapons and charaters(unlike most other comic about wow which seem to be afraid of copyright or something) which is why we all love this comic.


Brilliant one again :) good artwork aswell (atleast the ground is not read this time is it? xP) and.... Army of the Dead Rats! Arise, arise and do the Master's bidding! (yes that's my in-game macro w/o ratz :P)


Foreword: Getting only positive comments won't increase anyone's creativity or advance inner self; life is not full of successful achievements.
So: Even though most of u are fanatics, Thiscomicfails is right at one point; story goes slow and there is no continuity. It is like deus ex machina. At first the comic was following a story, now random things come up.
There are characters but they don’t have characteristic features. There are some relations but they stay on background even though they are pointed to the viewer as key points but they are not.
Conclusion: OK, it is fun to -wrote and then deleted "read" here- view the art. Still after following the series since beginning I can say it is currently only an artwork.


I actually have to agree with the negative comments. The artwork is nice, and the humor has it's moments. But the storyline is way too slow. I still enjoy reading it every week, but Things need to speed up a bit. And serious dialogue with a final punchline spanning a entire comic needs to stop, because the punchline is never good enough to justify the rest of the page. If this comic is ending ending then the long setup pages are fine. But a big example of the prolonging is these last 2 pages. The chain of ice spamming was interesting(terrible artwork at times though) but it could have cut out with the zoomed out charge and then this. Since it really wasn't really important to the story, and besides the initial heh it wasn't even that funny.


I solemnly promise not to add any more random stuff to this comic! Err... :)


haha! absolutely awesome!


Even though the criticism is completely valid in that the continuation of the story is almost absent at times, I'll have to note that whether that is a bad thing is up for debate itself.
Face it, with a rate of 1 page a week any story will seem slow. Some people apparently want the story to follow normal storytelling rules still. I myself like the way this comic is set up, an almost independant piece of work every week, that can be enjoyed every week without feeling frustrated at the obvious cliffhanger of an incomplete story.


Actually, it has continuing storyline, like a grand plan, what we see on each page is a piece of action leading through the story. If you've read this comic from beginning then it should be obvious...


*Begins playing taps*


so to counter this spell you need a cat death knight?


LooooL Not FAIR I want my Army of the Dead to be this size aswell! :D

BTW really good comic. :)


I think it will be a bit Star Wars :) Trevor Jn. and Trevor Speech:


-I'm your father

Trevor Jr.:


Trevor will be dispelled, they kill together the Lich King :)and they live happily after, until they die.



If you think it's too slow, then read it once a quarter. You'll have 13 pages to go through each time...


Somehow I just know that Teh Gladiators are responsible for the coming Cataclysm. XD

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