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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: This is... The Barrens?
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This is... The Barrens?

I really have nothing against Mr. Chilly, it's a cute pet. To that end, also, I'd like to add that no penguins were hurt during the making of this comic.

yours, 2lions



absolutly nothing wrong with killing penguins.. how i get meh rage


lol great one!
Vallant has a soul ?! :O


Rofl nice 1 guy's and woot i am 3 :)


omg... new barrens... :O


i thought that cataclysm would have some efect like global warming, but it seems like the oposite happened. nice page
(5th comment btw)


Wow, thats a nice pile of penguins.
Also, love Vallantīs face in the first panel, and where is Leeroy and Veron?


Also, now when cataclysm comes. humans get hunter too so vallant will no more be in conflict with the race - class combinations:) i guess you didnt see that comin when you first made him huntard XD


Mr. Chilly can port? Mabey i haven been taking him seriously enough...


They held that pose and killed penguins? FOR SEVERAL MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!


Winter in the Barrnes ? this is strange :D event ? :D


I already booked nick Vallant on Drak'Thul server. I cant wait to make him human hunter after expansion, althought i play horde


nice one! :D
It's only stupid that Bliz throws all the nice old lore aside they protected and exploited so preciously...
And now, there is no more (real warcraft) lore! :(
That makes me sad. But I quit playing over a year ago, so I don't care :p


Mr. Chilly is Deathwing's minions for the upcomming expansion imo :)


Don't worry, they'll all become DK penguins. Oh wait, Arthas is ... defeated?
lol @ last panel: didn't know they had Pikachu tails :)


Hey :D
love the comic as always, just one thing worry me, your already starting on cataclysm but expansion isnot due for 6 month at least (arthas not yet defeated ;p), and gonna last for 12/18 month after that wont you run out of wow related material ?

btw i hope your safe on using a bit of wow material, other comics like shakes and fidget had to close lots of comics after blizz asked.

Doc Lithius

NOW it all makes sense! Kind of! Still doesn't explain what the Hell happened to the Nagrand arena... XD


The ripples of the cataclysm were felt all throughout Outland.

Hey, that's the best that I can come up with!


well ya got me there Mr. Comic Writer guy!
Either that or those penguins did a number on the building >.>


I'd love to see a raid of 40 Hordies storm Stormwind with 40 Mr. Chilly running after them >:3

Wud b awesome don't ye think? :3


I wonder, what's the team have the ratting for kills penquins :D ?


great comic...

(pozdrav iz nisa :) )


could it be possible that bliz got the idea of human hunters from this comic?


O.o now Orc, Tauren n' Troll have to farm penguins lvl 10-20!


Poor Mr. Chilly T^T That was so cruel!

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