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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Treacherous Ledge!
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Treacherous Ledge!

A ledge is no place for a fat cow!

yours, 2lions




You know what? You've got me on the edge of my seat this time. I actually had to reread this several times. That monster is incredibly intense and the character development these past weeks has been so damn realistic. Please, please don't let her die. She has been such an amazing character so far!

Damn, next week's update is gonna give me goosebumps when the page refreshes.


don't you dare kill the night elf girl you comic evil bastard!!! XD pls ='(


Finaly this story is getting intense. I like where this is going, I hope we'll see some more havoc from this monster even as they get away from it (not that I wish anything bad for the Night Elves, just the pleague spreading to their land seems logical in this situation and would be cool story-wise).

Also, yeah, don't kill the girl, you would kill the first really good attempt on character development in this chapter. That goes for the Tauren too, it's first time I feel like he has a personality of sorts, not just TAUREN SMASH! TAUREN SWORD! TAUREN CUT! :p


If you kill the night elf, one puppy will die in each family around the world. Think about it...


Yea, she can't die. This is now fans request!


Don't kill the Night Elf please T_T


*reads comments*

Kill her. XD

I'm looking forward to see how they survive the monster, or beat it if all possible. But given he's freakishly strong, has the sole desire to kill (and not monolog it), and probably a little heart-burn right now.. survival is their best bet.


Im just waiting to see a giant paladin-cat hybrid falling on him from the cliff.


Hang about. Is that an avalanche I see starting in panel 1? If it is, it will certainly give the duo time to get away, if it does not kill the monster outright.

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