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Welcome to the New Barrens

So, I'm taking a slightly different approach with the comic this "season". Frankly, I was getting a little tired of the constrictive nature of it, so I've decided to "expand the playing field" if you will.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now, let's just say that the new course I've taken will allow me for a bit more creative freedom.

yours, 2lions



First! Christmas? Or the holy father?^^


Damn 2nd ! :D Parallel world i think


worgen village ?




lol a Centaur Popsickle!
Or maybe another unfortunate victim of a mage's Deep freeze?
If maybe he steped on Eagle-eye's freezing trap


я польщен, что человек 50 не поленилось прогуглить перевод того бреда, что я написал xD а вообще этот комикс после 50 страницы не интересен(((


Kitty looks bored, poor kitty :(


Since when would Worgen be civil enough to care about penguin poop?


Сообщение Роману: Они фантазируют с самого начала и до самого конца и не обязаны соблюдать сюжет ВОВа. Да и всем и так ясно, что катаклизм - это не ледниковый период.


w00t! nice comic. I'm looking forward to your newfound 'creative freedom'! =)


Penguin loving pansies eh?
*Waiting for Thralls pet penguin speech*

Seraph no Orion

ok i have one suggetion stop writing in rusian i can read it but thats beside the point its a comic in english write in english damn it


I'm looking forward to your newfound creative freedom too. Don't let the fact that Cataclysm isn't out yet constraint you.




I have a feeling Valiant will find a way to kill all the village ppl.


This is winter veil begin in comic ? :D


Vallant's shot at Sun Definatily changed Azeroth !

Barrens is like Northrend now :P


Wow Cataclyms? O-o


why do i have a feeling that this town they come to won't last long :(

Doc Lithius

This is clearly not the cataclysm we were thinking of. I am intrigued...


I'll LoL if it turns out this town is crossroads, or they knock on a door and it's the orc family from the funeral of Trevor.


i think it actually is crossroads.
its on the long road and clearly divides to other directions.
besides there aint much little towns in barrens :P
of course something VERY strange has happened...


Would be nice if that they somehow (in the future) stumbled upon the secret hiding of Santa.. Wonder if he travels with the Darkmoon Faire :p?


I have a question. If valent and his team were fighting for freedom from there past crimes they had won there freedom after the battle with trevor and such. If the are suppose to be free then why are... or shall i say were, they still fighting after they beat Arthas? mabey they have no greater purpous or somthing... or mabey im thinking about it all too hard...

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