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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Well at Least He Had Chicken
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Well at Least He Had Chicken

So I did decide to go with the conclusion of the Leeroy match, just because of that last image in the panel basically. I wanted to see that rogue ambush the sheep like that. That said, in the next episode, I plan to (somewhat) gracefully tie this miniature with the continuation of the plot. It's always hard to decide exactly which road to take when doing this comic - whether to keep it on the gag side or move away into telling some sort of a tale. The trick being that there will be people liking one over the other always.

Meh, but at the end of the day, being the author, you always end up doing some crap that you thought was funny at the particular instance of your life you decided to do it. And what does that mean? It means that one's state of mind is inherently tied to one's present circumstances in life; sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it isn't. You take that as you will.

yours, 2lions




oh man I couldn't stop laughing =))
what happened to the warr's boots I wonder?
The rogue stabbing the sheep was freaking hilarious.


Hah, does the winning team have a Vallant, by any chance? Cause that was a wicked shot :)

Too bad ambush specs kinda suck nowadays, though, but the rogue panel was pure win


LOLOL at the sheeps face


I LOL'ed at the "SNAP" and "CRACKLE" ice sound at the vignette when the warrior gets the ice on his feet... great Kellog's Rice Krispies reference


rofl the warrr taking off his boots for repairs.. keeep up the good work mon! freaking funny as hell


First UD rogue i see in the series, and boy i am glad you made em ugly, good resemblance. Keep up the good work, and id like to see some maor shaman action!!


Hahaha I really lol'd!

What if the whole winning team did a /sit around the sheep, waiting for it to unsheep? (give him a chance :P )


I want tauren shamanz!!
I miss 'em so much :(
(no, not in that cross-racial bestial way -.- )


Awesome ^^
Trying to hear what Leeroy is sayin the the video isnt easy so if anyone knows him or knows exactly what he said, please, tell me ^^

But Thunder, as I said in the last comic and I will say it again, have some gags in this comic! Its really fun to read them even in the most tightest storyline ever ;)


Did they lose to a Hunter, Mage, Rogue team? (3v5).

I have to say, I like the idea of long plot, I've been supporting it since you first started it. But then again, except the final "ambush panel", this episode didn't even make me smile. So, as a reader, and as a fan, I think I need to tell you that you may have crossed too much the line of "plot story", and need to get a little closer again to the gag option, while still building the plot.

YES I know, im asking a lot! Yes, I know, it's hard! But show us you can do it, since it's a labor of love (as you said before). I'm comfident. Cya next week.


he was sheeped during all the fight..hilarious


long live tehgladiators team! :D


another classic, but a little bit obvious what was comin, can we see Leeroy in the team soon? :P can only imagine the new scroll + leeroy will make a mess


Sorry for the Double day post but I just saw something.

This isnt Leeroy in UBRS, this is Thunders version of why he got caged by his team mates, i. e. this is Thunders arena version of what Leeroy did ^^


So i have a question there is a priest with anathema against a rogue with season 3 gear or t6 mmmmm... lol excellent job once again man :D


oh my god! I cant even stop laughing! too funny that mage freezing warrior foot and kill him
but is that 5v5? becuase 3 mage? one mage do sheep and other mage is ice other mage is fire? and hunter rogue?




I absolutely love the rogue in the last two.

To be fair I must say I'm more inclined to like a long(er) plot.
This results in a longer comic and we all want to keep reading it on monday nights, while it makes the rest of the week far more bareable for some of us that have to face the last 100 days at college.

Although I've been following and loving Teh Glads since pg.14, I'm starting to like the note under the comic more and more.
Thanks for the little sentences that make us put our life on hold for a moment and make us think!


ROFL i love this comic!


Is leeroy gonna join there team (pally on the team?) cause at the moment there short a few players for 5v5.


Haha, btw didn't you had to ask Leeroy for permission to put him into your comic? :P


What sort of a pal would Leeroy be if he minded? :)


At least he got the chicken... :D


Think Leeroy is happy to see his name little everywhere and also in comics ;)


you should make on of the glads find out they used to be on the top list, but got a club or rock in the head and got amnesia :)
opens up for a story of pwning
(possibly vallant, and that's why he keeps pwning :D)


he wanted to remove boots so he dont repair ! :D hahahahaha


these comics are making me to laugh with tears :)) keep up the good job


Loooong time reade first time poster. Haven't had my computer for fiu weeks.. Broke it and it was repaired.. But you dont wana know about that and maby dont even read the end of this post.. So I'l get to the point..
Soo... I sust had to post a comment here.. Didn't know why.. But maby cos of that wars pwnage facepalm ^^

btw.. Dont get me wrong. But I never got that thing.. "At least I had chicken" - means?


we want leeroy in team!!


Tis Monday gogogo


Didn't he say "Atleast I ain't chicken."

Awesome comics btw, keep up the good work.

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