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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: We're Down... And Then Back Up!
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We're Down... And Then Back Up!

Sorry about that, folks. The gremlins took us down but I saw to it that they were all fed goat cheese and this weird combination of wine and beer. And now they are happy again.

yours, 2lions




Well known archaeological fact: Gremlins are descended from Murlocs. Or is it the other way around???


It's a kodo?


It's a nothing.... Its a doesnt matter what it is anymore..... Its a mystery why i even got it on my bookmarks? Yeah thats it.. The bookmarks mistake... Goodbye sneaky bookmark, goodbye past loved teh glads! (oh by the way u did it again as i said previous page Thunder.. same panels and GROOOAAAR RUUUMBLEEE BOOOOMM CRASSSSHHH words) i hope the downhill in this comic have nothing to do with your business life and generally with you. I really wish you my best wishes cause after all u are the writter of my once favorite comic and boy u did great at some point. Peace, and respect.


I used to like this comic. It was never Dark Legacy or Looking For Group but I still found it interesting and funny at times. What happened? There used to be dozens of comments on each page, people would battle to be first to post but now..... The past 20 panels have been slow, boring, nothing. Those 15 panels are like 3+ months in the real world, why would anyone continue reading a comic that months later, doesn't go anywhere?


bla bla bla
whine whine whine
whine whine
bla bla whine
tbh wow has become a lot slower and more boring than this comic, mostly because this comic went for something different thus more interesting.
But still, whine whine bla bla!


I still like it. If you read web comics regularly, you usually see them morph and I like where this story is going. If you read it from the start, you can see it is a far more serious storyline than previously written. Have a little patience.

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