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Teh Gladiators Webcomic: Where the Heck is the AH?!
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Where the Heck is the AH?!

I like the tone of today's comic. I'm a sucker for Orcish lands, what can I say.

On an unrelated note, I have a confession to make (and this is not an easy one for a guy dedicated to the Warrior class).

Nerf Warriors.

In fact, they will probably nerf them. All I'm hearing is "wah, wah Retri!," but think about it; we get to use THREE 5-min awesome abilities on a 10 second cooldown in the Arenas - Retaliation, Recklessness and Shield Wall. Not to mention that now that Bladestorm breaks snare and roots, even Mages are having a hard time against me. On top of all that, if I manage to pop Reck, Bladestorm and Blood Fury (which is now off GCD and doesn't reduce healing on me), I do so much damage, it's almost like an insta-gib. The only thing Hunters and Rogues can do is try to trap me or Dismantle before I get in range and pop the iPWN button.

I know a lot of my guildies have been talking about it, I was sort of reluctant to agree, but it seems to me like Blizzard is favoring classes based on a reactive Counter-Strike-like playstyle (think Rogue and Warrior). Those also happen to be the most-played classes (more than likely).

Anyway, /rant off. If this was a rant at all. It just amazes me how certain things fly under the radar of the community while they kick and scream over other things. The funniest thing is that my fellow Warriors keep moaning in the forums. "Wah, wah, this and that owned me."

With all the stuff we got in Arms (Sudden Death with hit proc is still great on people with Resilience), learn to play. Seriously. L2P.

yours, 2lions




new comic \o/


cant wait until next week :D


Look, i'll just calmly explain to him..........!!!!!!!!


epic XD


Oh dear, what are they planning to do with that poor harpy. Next creation coming up? ^^



Duplicate comments?...wtf


haha lovely comic today :) also a sucker for the barren wastelands of the horde :)


Can i FF 1 week? or secretly mail me the new next week's comic? :P



So the X32A is gonna be a 5-man?


Harpy Kebabs.... mmmmm!


;DDDDDDD Love ya!


But where is Harpy in the last 2 pictures?



X33B will have harpy wings as shoulders... erm...

And I feel like I should come myself in the comic and pwn X32A for destroying the AH... well the Ogrimmar I dont really care, but he destroyed SW sooner (or later? has it been 2 months aldready?).

Yes I completly agree with you with the "nerf Warrior", if we hit our iPWN button (Suddent Death proc, Recklessness, Wrecking Crew, 90+ rage and maybe Berserking in BGs) we can screw up anything. Add a possible 5 Sunders.

For having been in the beta, I can tell you though that when we reach lvl 80, ALL the OP class iPWN rotations wont be so OP due to the increase of health. Full S5 you wonder around 21k (no jokes). And we will all realise the Pallies are not OP, but just ok compared to others. They have slightly better damage, but many other flaws (no Sprint or Intercept like ability, no proper Interupt, no -Healing).

I've also found a neat way to beat Retardins in duels. If I get enough /beg, maybe il post a step-by-step guide with 100% success if executed properly.


Errata on your comment:
(which is now off GDC, it's GCD


it's just not fun any more in arena. Warrior S4 gear. + resto shaman CRAP gear. win over 2 allmost full geared S4 Warlock and priest. (destro+ shadow) they just need to bladestorm + one instant heal from shaman.

the only thing I love abaut arena, is abaut this comic ^^


I do enjoy these amazing comics made by such a smart and humor warrior. :)


have to agree on the fact that everyone is crying about paladins.Everytime i log in all i see is ''OMG PALADIN,NERF NERF NERF,/cry,dAMN YOU PALADINs'' and such.As a player who doesnt give a damn who has which spell...all i can say is ''Wrath of the Retribution paladin''


I ,myself love palliez and warriez too...
maybe because i'm a full s4 restoshaman :D
Bah, I-N-D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-B-L-E :D
man, with so much heal and our new hots MS is no longer a major problem. OK it is a bit of pain in my ass, but only a minor pain.


If you look at the amount of changes in notes you would say druids are blizzards little pet, and priests are the punching bag (yes I'm playing a priest :p)

Btw. the only way you can beat an undead killing cat is by building an even bigger undead killing dog - so obviously we need to get gluth into the picture :D


Wheee, I spotted a bug in your painting! On the first two frames, the Druid (forgot his name) has no flower in his hair! XD

Also, good comic, I laughed out loud when I saw "If there was an auction house". Besides that, I play a paladin with Retribution myself, and now I can say we're a little too overnerfed. They didn't only nerf Retribution, but they nerfed all tree's. Take a look at how silly Judgment of Wisdom is :(.

Anyways, keep it up please, I like your comics alot :]

Eagle-Eye Vallant

want vallant transform in a DK or a Pally retry zomg he pwns every1


It takes a good warrior to realise the pottential of the bladestorm.
respect @ author


Those 2 girls are my heroes, they just look to one another and just fetch the harpy, epic win ;)


Warriors are fine, working as intended!

Kinda obvious that I'm an Arms Warr xD

Though it is true that I haven't been PvPing for some time now... Today I get WotLK if the damn postman comes! COME I SAID!

On 80, I actually thought about forgetting about PvP and focusing on being an imbah pewpew DPS in raids. Hey, I have a blue chest, but still manage to top the DPS meter in ZA!


Finally got my copy installed, patched etc etc. And ofc my realm is full, QQ

On the warrior thing, i'm prot in raids, but did have the liberty to try bladestorm a few weeks ago, was awesome :)

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