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The New Face of Blackrock Mountain

So, basically, our brave bunch is on a long questline now, which entails revisiting a number of bosses in the old world in order to construct a super-being which will stand its ground against GNES 1000. Speaking of old world bosses, which one was your favorite? Certainly, the biggest sense of achievement that I ever got in World of Warcraft was downing Raggy and then downing Nefarian for the first time. I think nothing can top the logistical mayhem and the overwhelming feeling of joy when you see that big ass dragon fall and you hear an army of forty geeks screaming in Ventrillo in fifteen different European accents :)

It's entirely possible that we never would have started the Second World War in Europe had we been able to raid. Worst case scenario someone would have been slapped with a -50 DKP penalty and we'd have a few fake disconnects from one pissed off Austrian dude.

yours, 2lions



Monster Quest... Im seeing a huge new story line starting here.


that was one hell of a kiss :D

Doc Lithius

This is Blackrock Mountain?! Dare I ask what, rather than Dark Irons and Blackrock Orcs, lay within the fragrant flora fields of this place?


odlicno :D

i kakav kraj, ono da cekamo do nedelje ufffffff.... sumpora vam ! :D


Surprised no one mentioned hogger yet :P


i guess you've forgot wiping with 15 raiders before General Drakkisath. Soo far before nefarian and raggy. :))


I see here what's going on, you wanna keep us company the whole summer sir!
well you did it we can't have enough of it, make it twice a week or we go emo....


Im just trying to imagine how it can look like when stitched together o_O

For the favourite monster part, RAGNAROS FOR THE WIN!!!


i agree, keep posting 2 episodes a week but make them twice a week. like Mondays and Thursdays, that way w the wait is more tolerable. TREVOR FTW!


to all the people in the comment section: Isn't it awesome enough already that he does 2 a week? Long has we whined for a more frequent comic. And given, he has. The comic is now 2 panels a week. that's a 100% increase. If you still feel that you have to wait way too long for the comic, I srsly think you should get out some more! xD (i'm just saying, because I don't want another whine-apocalypse like back then :p)

That being said, I bet it'll only be the Deadmines, RFD etc. kind of bosses they'll have to defeat, it'll be awesome!! (at least, in my sick mind it is...)
I wonder how the new Kitteh From Doom will look like! ^^


Great one again, going into the right direction again! keep it up and going. as a pve orientated wow player im wondering how this storyline will play out vs the arena background of the beginning of the comic. very curious!


haha Cloverfield on Blackrock Mountains, that makes sense!

I love the reference to that Austrian dude ;-)

btw. what goes BLAM! and KA-BOOM! ??


noone knoticed that the look alike is still attached to spin?


the look alike is the replacement for vernon, the brew master :D

awsome weekly, guys... can't wait for next one

Master of U

Trevor is the Master of the Ostrich Way :O
as for the best boss I'd say frogger gives the best feeling of accomplishment

also Germany! That's a f***in 50DKP minus!


what is attached to spin? is he corpse or alive one?


So who are they going to face now? Lemgaros? The giant monster made commpletly of refreshing lemonade?


it's proberly the big rare elite fire mounting giant :)


I think C'Thun's prob gonna be the giant head >.< smash the robot w/ zidane headbutt powers


first time we killed C'thun
we just about lost our minds.
it was epic beyond belief.

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