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Bow to Your New Master!

I have grave news I'm afraid. Jerry, our one-half seventeenth reader has tragically passed away in a freak cable modem-related accident. Jerry was a great reader, the finest of readers and a good man. He would write to me whenever something exciting happened in the comic. He would express his deep concern about the world we are living in, and even though I begged and pleaded for him to understand that the world he is referring to doesn't exist, he defiantly remained optimistic about the prospects of Murlocs eventually ending up in the local government.

Has the idea of Murloc mayors and district prosecutors died with Jerry? Has the dream been extinguished like his fragile heart after he tried to teach a plugged cable modem how to swim freestyle in a filled bathtub?

Jerry, you were the greatest. The one true visionary of this site. Words cannot express how much we will miss your insane remarks about the integrity of news coverage on this site.

yours, 2lions



First! There's no feeling like defeating the boss right before the enrage/wipe timer with the tank blowing his cooldowns :D .


hooooooooooo first one :P :P
omg for a sec
omg second :P :P
great story :D :D


They definitely need some skin... Kel'Thuzad!
BTW Gorrok too smart for warrior:)


KT is a ghost... he has no skin.

Black Knight doesn't need his, but he's not quite the same level, I s'pose...


i'm gonna be the first to say I agree Thunder...RIP Jerry,you will be missed


didnt gorrok have the crown at the end of the first page? so why does vallant have it, to throw it to him?


Gorrok's axe is a two-handed weapon, he needed the free arm. So he probably gave it to him? Guess he is Arms speced since he can't dual wield two-handers.


I'm still wondering about how that thing will attack, what is that thing attached to a string on its right... top cross stick thing? (aka arm I suppose).

And how will something made of wood with only Nerfarians crown, C'Thuns eye and Ragnaros' heart beat a shredder? xD


Guys, nobody of you read description when new comic pops out?


I feel this colossal... thing needs a weapon. Perhaps a massive sword that was used to slay an Old God, and is lodged deep within its corpse...
Then again, with said sword removed, the horrible beasty would regenerate... So, SCRAP MY IDEA! Still awesome!


R.I.P. Jerry ...

May Murlocs end up in local government and cable modems become waterproof.


This won't end well... the ABOMINATION OF BOSSES will use his minions to take over the world!


lol this is gettin weird....cant w8 to c the next 1,maybe there a bit will be explained lol....
R.I.P. Jerry....u will always be remembered!



His dream of Murlocs in local goverment will never be forgotten by those who still have hope!


need more blood!


That can be arranged!


RIP Jerry. Murlocs will someday be in government. We posters of Teh Gladiators will see to it. If Obama can be president, then Lurky and Murky have excellent chances of winning the next presidential race :D


RIP Jerry!


Great as always.


the wooden's made of NERFBATS ! all will tremble.


Why stop at municipal politicians? Murloc's make more sense to me then most federal one's do.


Clan Murlocserz can run for office in Jerry's honor!? XD


this is parallel universe.
Sharon and Yolanda are probaly apprentice alchemists...


Imagine Hogger in the paralell universe, instead of a crappy Elite everyone makes fun of he is the biggest most badass mob ever :D



R.I.P jerry

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